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    Mod is small but its gonna be actively updated

    Mod has now:
    Ruby Tools
    Ruby Block
    Ruby Ore
    Ruby Gem

    Crystal Tools
    Crystal Block
    Crystal Ore
    Crystal Gem

    Sapphire Tools
    Sapphire Block
    Sapphire Ore
    Sapphire Gem

    Red Emerald Tools
    Red Emerald Block
    Red Emerald Ore
    Red Emerald Gem

    Red Diamond Block
    Red Diamond Ore
    Red Diamond Gem

    Emerald Tools :
    Dragon Gem, Ore & Block
    Blue Emerald Ore,Gem & Block
    Uranium ingot & Ore
    Magmite gem & Ore
    Letonite Ingot,Ore & Block
    Diamond Nugget & Apple
    Ruby Nugget & Apple
    Emerald Nugget & Apple
    Sapphire Nugget & Apple
    Citrine Nugget & Apple
    Red Emerald Nugget & Apple
    Blue Emerald Nugget & Apple
    Dragon Nugget & Apple
    Dragon Brick
    Uranium Lamp
    Moonstone Lamp
    Cinder & Cinder Ore

    Added Blue Emerald Tools
    Amber, Block , Ore & Bricks
    Citrine, Block, Ore & Bricks
    FireStone,Block,Ore & Bricks
    Added Magmite Bricks
    Gun Powder Ore & Block
    Peridot,Block & Ore
    Zircon,Block & Ore
    MoonStone & MoonStone Ore
    Added Diamond Nugget & Apple
    Added Ruby Nugget & Apple
    Added Emerald Nugget & Apple
    Added Sapphire Nugget & Apple
    Added Citrine Nugget & Apple
    Addded Red Emerald Nugget & Apple
    Added Blue Emerald Nugget & Apple
    Added Dragon Nugget & Apple
    Added Dragon Brick
    Added Uranium Lamp
    Added Moonstone Lamp
    Added Cinder & Cinder Ore

    Couple bug fixes

    Check it out! be sure to leave like, if you can do better, do it now!!!

    This mod works with forge for minecraft 1.7.2
    Single Player and Multi Player!!!
    Compatible with all mods
    Mod gonna be updated every week and all updates gonna be posted here

    Hogans Craft v0.7b [Forge] W.I.P
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    Không liên quan nhưng đúng thớt mình đang tìm !


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